Live At CedarHouse

The Jordan TW Trio

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Tunes and songs in the Celtic tradition, recorded with a live audience.

Our newest record! Featuring many songs with vocals as well as traditional and original instrumentals, this album was recorded with a live audience in April of 2018.

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Return to the Castle

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Representing a return to the more traditional side of Celtic music, this instrumental record includes several original pieces while leaning heavily on old familiar standards. The instrumentation is purely acoustic, the vibe traditional with a creative edge.

"Tirrell-Wysocki’s fiddle is brisk, lean, and exceedingly lovely…One can feel the strength and resolve of the people who have nurtured this music over the centuries…The fiddle practically cries with emotion through out its melodic journey while true old world charm fills up the back drop." - Bill Copeland Music News

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Into the Cold

Jordan Tirrell-Wysocki

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An all-original record that ranges from mellow instrumentals to Celtic Rock, "Into The Cold" has been called "hauntingly beautiful" and "an instrumental coming of age story."

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    Dusk 5:05

The next few shows are...

Backyard Concert with Jordan TW Trio!

Susan and Bud's Awesome Yard, New Ipswich

So psyched to return to our friends Susan and Bud's house! They've been hosting awesome, safe, outdoor concerts throughout the pandemic, and we had a blast playing there last fall. Limited space available, more info at the ticket link!


Wildcat In The Garden series- Jordan TW Trio

Wildcat Tavern, Jackson, NH

Excited to work with our friend Jonathan Sarty again! He'll be hosting and opening the show. There will be two seatings between 4:30-8:30. Contact The Wildcat Tavern for more info!


Plymouth Summer Concert Series- Jordan TW Trio

 —  —

Plymouth Town Center, Plymouth, NH

Another classic summer concert, this time from the Plymouth Town Gazebo!